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The Federal Holding Facility was a maximum-security federal prison in Los Angeles, California.

History[edit | edit source]

As part of an undercover operation to capture the anarchist and international terrorist known as Zapata, CTU agent Jack Bauer was incarcerated in the facility in order to gain access to Emil Ramirez. Ramirez, a low-level operator several rungs down from Zapata, was assigned as Bauer's cellmate for the three weeks of his term. Under the official cover story, Jack had been convicted of murdering a suspect in a CTU investigation, Adrian Tintfass, when in truth Tintfass had been sequestered at an FBI safehouse.

Unknown to Jack, Christopher Henderson made a deal with MS-13 gang members in the facility to murder him, to prevent him from testifying against Henderson in a CTU Internal Affairs investigation. In addition, he paid another inmate, Big Ferg, to murder corrections officer Adam Cox, who was Jack's primary contact for the operation inside the facility. The prison warden and Ryan Chappelle, the other two who knew about the mission, were also taken out of commission the same night.

Oscar Cisneros and two thugs, Ricky and Pedro, first attempted to kill Jack during the prison's shower time, but Jack managed to incapacitate all three thugs and hold out until the prison guards arrived. A second attack occurred less than an hour later; Cisneros found Jack and Ramirez eating dinner in the prison library, but again Jack survived the assassination attempt. With no idea why MS-13 was after him, Jack asked Officer Lafayette to get him in contact with Cox or the warden, but learned that neither of them were available.

Deviating from the mission plan he had arranged with Chappelle, Jack formed a plan to break out of the facility by causing a prison riot. Using a concealed shank, he took a guard hostage and forced another to open all the cell doors. Jack and Ramirez fought their way through the escaping inmates to the outer courtyard, where snipers had been positioned to fire rubber bullets into the crowd. The two of them managed to squeeze through the outer gate, forcing it shut before escaping into the city around 12:00am.

Oscar Cisneros also escaped from the facility around the same time, although the authorities were far more concerned with capturing Jack due to his unique skill set. (Chaos Theory)

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