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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Felsted Security was a private security company based in Burbank, California, headquartered at 357 White Oak Boulevard.

Felsted was hired to oversee security at a Heritage Foundation function at the Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. At the event, Department of Defense analyst Audrey Raines briefly met private contractor Henry Powell. During Day 4, Audrey saw Powell again while being held hostage by the terrorist Omar, and later recalled that she had seen him at the conference. Because the same terrorists were now in control of the Dobson Override, Jack Bauer took Audrey to Felsted Security's office to access the company's video surveillance records and find out Powell's identity.

Felstead hallway

The body of a Felsted employee in the hallway during the ambush

After arriving at about 1:40pm, Jack and Audrey went through security footage with a Felsted computer worker, Gary. Shortly after Jack noticed that Mitchell, the Felsted desk guard, was missing, they were ambushed by a hit team sent by Powell, and Gary was mortally wounded. Gary was able to save the footage on a flash stick for Jack before dying. With support agents Craig Erwich and Rick already killed, Jack and Audrey avoided the hostiles and hid in a nearby office. Realizing that somebody at CTU had given up their location, Jack called Tony Almeida for help, saying the ex-CTU director was the only person he could trust.

As Jack and Audrey entered a service garage, they were ambushed by several more terrorists from outside. Soon, Jack found himself out of bullets, but Tony arrived, killing the last two men and leading Jack and Audrey to his car. ("Day 4: 1:00pm-2:00pm")

Background information and notes[]

  • Marianne Taylor said to an employer that Felsted Security was at 357 White Oak Boulevard in Burbank, California, however, her computer screen showed 457 White Oak.