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Ferro was the right-hand man of arms dealer Gabriel during Day 10.

When former Army Rangers Eric Carter and Ben Grimes arrived in their hideout, Ferro and the other henchman surrounded them at gunpoint and gave Grimes an unwelcome reception due to him owing them money. Grimes told him that Carter had some top-secret weapon schematics to sell to Gabriel and Carter showed Ferro the phone with them on. Ferro left the henchmen to guard them while he went to get Gabriel. Ferro was present as Gabriel entered and told Carter about the botched deal with Grimes and told him to kill him as a test of trust. Carter explained that he served with Grimes as a ranger and swore to protect his comrades. Ferro shot Grimes in the head and killed him, but spared Carter to go through with the sale of the weapon plans.

Ferro was present when Carter gave Gabriel the code to unlock the schematics. Carter then overpowered Ferro and Gabriel and held them at gunpoint, calling CTU and giving them the location of the hideout. Carter asked both men where Jadalla Bin-Khalid and his men were. They refused to disclose as Gabriel secretly alerted his men. As two men came in, Ferro was about to fight back, but Carter shot him dead. ("Day 10: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

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