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Jack looks at File 33 (Day 8: 3:00am-4:00am)

File 33 was a document produced under the orders of President Omar Hassan that showed the weak points of U.S. anti-nuclear deferences and radiological detection arrays. It took years to prepare and was a safeguard that Hassan planned to use in case of an attack on his country by the U.S., as a means of knowing the best areas to retaliate. The material included was highly classified DoD files.

Day 8 Edit

Samir Mehran demanded the file in exchange for safe return of Hassan's daughter, Kayla. Hassan admitted the existence of the document to CTU, who told him they could not allow Hassan to give the terrorists that information. Jack Bauer explained tens of thousands of lives could be at stake as Samir could smuggle the nuclear rods he was in possession of into New York and launch an attack.

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