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Firethorn International was an Australian-owned private military company that operated out of South Africa.

Before Rogue Edit

Firethorn recruited several members from various countries, training its members using brutal and amoral practices. After training was complete, the soldiers were sent to carry out paramilitary operations around the world, most of which were illegal or morally questionable. The organization was also well-known for training and supplying other paramilitary organizations, such as the group of pirates led by Osman Xasan Muhamad.

Rogue Edit

A large group of Firethorn mercenaries led by Maxwell Newbold were contracted by Arkady Malenkov to steal nuclear missiles from Karl Rask. After receiving their orders, Newbold hired Osman Muhamad and several other Somali pirates to raid the Barataria and acquire the missiles for him. After they failed, Newbold and his own team of mercenaries boarded the ship and stole the missiles themselves, albeit not without encountering some resistance from Jack Bauer. Once the missiles were taken to their compound, the mercenaries inspected and repaired the weapons before taking them to Berbera International Airport so two Russian pilots could retrieve the missiles.

The mercenaries' plans continued to go awry; not only did they face various interruptions from Bauer, but a team of Navy SEALs, an ASIS agent named Abigail Harper, and even two Somali warlords found out about the missiles as well and attacked and/or attempted to steal the missiles from them. Eventually, Bauer and Harper teamed up and stole the missiles from Newbold's crew, delaying them even further. Newbold's mercenaries tracked the duo to Burao, but because Newbold lost so many men and suffered so many setbacks, Malenkov decided to scrap the mission and cut his ties to Newbold. Before Newbold and his crew could find another buyer, the SEAL team found what was left of Newbold's mercenaries and gunned them all down. (Rogue)

Members Edit

Maxwell Newbold - leader of Somali-based mercenary group

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