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First Lady and First Gentleman were unofficial titles for the spouse of the President of the United States and the presidents of certain other countries. Many served as a figure-head for diplomatic relations, as observed in the relationship between First Ladies Martha Logan and Anya Suvarov.

Notable First Ladies and Gentlemen Edit

Background information and notes Edit

  • Wayne Palmer wore a wedding ring and was listed as "married" on the FOX website for 24, but this First Lady was never seen or mentioned.
  • David Palmer, Noah Daniels, and John Keeler are in-universe presidents seen without a first lady. Both Daniels and Keeler are widowers. Additionally, Vice Presidents-turned-Presidents Hal Gardner and Mitchell Hayworth may or may not have had a first lady who was never shown.
  • Allison Taylor, David Palmer and Charles Logan were all divorced from their spouses. Coincidentally, all of the divorces ensued due to various acts of distrust and government cover-ups. David broke up with Sherry Palmer due to her dishonesty and sociopathic behavior; Charles was divorced by Martha due to his abuse of her and other illegal actions on Day 5 and Allison was divorced by Henry after she refused to cover up the illegal actions of their daughter Olivia.
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