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Flight 35 was a Sunrise International passenger jet scheduled to land at JFK International Airport during Day 7. The plane was redirected by Tony Almeida and his crew to demonstrate to President Allison Taylor that they had control of the CIP firewall.

Day 7 Edit

Sometime after 9:00am, the plane was given orders by Tony Almeida and Masters, who were part of a group of terrorists that hacked the airline communications system. The captain, Sato, trusted the new orders, unaware of the threat, and as they bolted through the runway, they approached Global Skies Airlines passenger Flight 117 on the tarmac. Almeida, at the last moment, ordered the GSA pilot to pull up, and he did, avoiding a crash with Flight 35. The near-collision was a demonstration designed to show the US government that the terrorists wielded great power. None aboard the plane were harmed.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Flight 35 is an Airbus A340-600, however the outside of the plane was only seen as a CGI.


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