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This article's subject relates to Season 4 of 24.

Forbes worked at the Rockland Building where Henry Powell's office was located. He was part of Habib Marwan’s plot to steal the Override device and use it to melt down the country’s nuclear reactors.

Day 4[]

Forbes knew about Powell’s computer file which held the names of his superiors, and that only Powell or CTU mole Marianne Taylor could access it.

On the day of the meltdown, Forbes kept a close watch inside the Rockland Building to make sure no one interfered with Marwan's operation. In the afternoon, CTU agent Curtis Manning accompanied Marianne, who hoped to make an immunity deal by turning over the computer file, to Powell’s office. Before Marianne could access the file, Forbes and two henchmen, Adam and Jason, arrived. After killing Marianne, they asked Curtis about CTU's progress in their investigation into the Override. Curtis refused to talk, so one of the henchmen knocked him out.

Forbes adamjason

Forbes corners Curtis with Adam and Jason

After Marwan arrived at the building to hack the power plants himself from inside IDS Systems, Forbes decided that Curtis was not going to divulge any information, and left Adam and Jason to kill him. Curtis disarmed and killed the men. Forbes returned minutes later to discover the men dead and Curtis gone. A lockdown was initiated on the floor, and Forbes began a search. After ending a call to Marwan, Curtis ambushed Forbes and questioned him about the Override and Marwan's whereabouts. After Forbes revealed that Marwan was with the device in IDS Systems, Curtis knocked him unconscious and left him to be taken into custody.

Background information and notes[]

  • Forbes appears only briefly in the aired episode of "Day 4: 4:00pm-5:00pm". A two-minute scene where he interrogates and tortures Curtis was filmed, but was cut from the episode. The scene is featured in the Season 4 DVD/Blu-ray deleted scenes. In it, Forbes again demands to know how much CTU's investigation has revealed. When Curtis refuses to cooperate, Forbes reveals that he works for McLennen-Forster, and threatens to use his company's extremely expensive and effective methods to torture Curtis. After a brief split screen, Curtis is already writhing in agony and sweating profusely; the method Forbes used to do this is not shown.

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