Wiki 24

Chase Edmunds attempts to lock down Fort Lesker.


The truck pulls to a stop and Chase Edmunds exits from it, as does his companion. Talking to Jack Bauer covertly, he says there are not many guards, mostly lab workers. He leaves Jack a radio and walks away. Soon after Jack jumps out the back, grabs the radio and walks away.

Inside the complex, Chase hears someone say the first shipment is ready to go. Peter Madsen responds, asking if there has been any word from Max. The man says no. Madsen says that Max has abandoned him to do everything, and when the man offers to call Max, Madsen tells him not to because he enjoys running the business. Madsen walks away and Chase has to dive around a corner to avoid being seen. He gets in the truck that Chase arrived in and drives away.

Chase radios Jack tells him that Madsen and his men have completely taken over the base. Chase informs him that Madsen has headed to some docks and said something about a shipment. Jack tells him to report back when he has more. Jack then walks up to a group of men who are physically abusing someone as if in an interrogation. The men tell Jack that he is in a restricted area and should leave, but Jack says Madsen told him to report there. Whilst Jack pretends to work on a computer he hears the men asking the strapped up man to initiate some sort of sequence. He refuses, and one of the interrogators shoots him in the leg. Jack responds in kind by killing both of the interrogators. The interrogatee looks relieved, but Jack tells him that he needs to initiate a base lockdown and the man needs to help him. Close to death, the man tells Jack to go to the main control room and use the proper code sequence: yellow, blue, green, red. He dies before being able to say anything else. Jack calls Chase and tells him to go to the main control room and initiate a base lockdown, and encourages him to break cover if he needs to. Chase agrees and sets off.

He follows a long and winding corridor until he reaches a passageway guarded by two men. They tell him that he is not allowed to go past that way, but he is forced to run despite their warning. They begin to shoot, but Chase runs into a sideroom on the corridor and takes out the single guard there. From that room he is able to pick off many of the other attackers until the intruder alarms stop.

He manages to fight through all the guards and reaches the control room safely.