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I'm still confused as to the point of killing Chloe, Tony, or Michelle. I understand why Palmer was killed, because he found out about Logans part in the conspiracy. But why kill them, and then try to lure out Jack out of hiding?? Why try to frame Jack in the first place?

Was it because that Henderson / Graem were so pissed off at Jack?

It's because they knew Jack was alive after he faked his death.
Yes, but why? Why bring the Jack back into action?

They were trying to blame Jack for David's assassination attempt so they could cover it up. This was Graem's plan: He wanted to kill all the people who knew Jack was alive as a cover up to kill David Palmer. Jack would take the fall for the death of David, Michelle, Tony, and Chloe. No one would think it was a conspiracy because Jack had motives to kill them all; to protect himself from the Chinese.

Even then, who would have known that Jack was alive in the first place (aside from the listed four) in order to even use him as a the scape goat?
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