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Hi all,

I've been away for a while. Now that I'm back the first thing that attracted my attention was something that I've always found uncomfortable about using this wiki: the navigation doesn't provide an opportunity to directly browse to a specific season. If e.g. I want to go to season 2 which I'm currently watching I have to browse through the submenus under "Main Page" and see if the season I'm looking for does by chance appear under any of the four submenus. If it doesn't I have to click on a link to an actor who appears on that season e.g. Jack Bauer, or on a link to another season and then manually edit the address in the browser's address bar. Which is both very uncomfortable.

Generally speaking I think it's not a good solution on this wiki that all submenus under "Main page" are generated dynamically based on permanently changing statistic data - that means everytime you're looking for a season or episode you'll have to find a new way because the navigation keeps permanently changing.

Wouldn't it be good to have a fifth menu under "Main Page" which is "Seasons" and has a submenu listing the seasons? I think technically it should be possible without any problems, I've already seen it on other wikis.

bye, B. harder 01:11, 16 April 2009 (UTC)

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