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I can almost hear a collective groan as I post a topic with this title, but don't worry I realise it is not the remit of wiki 24 to post transcripts. However transcripts would be useful as a tool for editors on the site - eg, if I want to know when Placerita Canyon Road was mentioned to be close to highway 14, or when the Bullpen was ever called such in the show, all I need to do is a quick text search and I've found it - as opposed to sitting through hours of dvd. The transcript sites out there on the internet seem to be of questionable quality and accuracy - I was going to suggest an offline database of transcripts that could be e-mailed to budding editors by an admin, and a page explaining how to get them and to discuss an inaccuracies people found in them. Buuut thinking about it, would this sort of open distribution infringe copyright? Would it cause all sorts of hassle for administrators getting emailed by people who just want to read the transcripts and not edit? Could anyone be arsed to go through typing them out (I'd give it a go but wouldn't be able to do it all)? Alternatively, does anyone know of a decent accurate site for 24 transcripts?--Acer4666 12:55, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

The people at [1] seem to have somewhat reliable transcripts for days 1, 2, and 4, and parts of 3 and 5. If people shared transcripts over email, I really don't know what kind of copyright issue it would create because most of those documents were made by people like you and me, sitting there and typing everything. I imagine this could be very useful, but you're correct that we do not want to turn any heads and post anything like this sort of thing here on the project. Beyond the website I linked to, I have no other script-related insights to contribute to this effort.
If you check out that website, you may want to consider contacting them and arranging to post the transcripts you were thinking of making there. Can't imagine anything illegal about typing a transcript of a television show unless you were making a profit by selling the transcripts, or something. It would be time-consuming but knowing how much you enjoy the show... very fun! I'd do it myself in a heartbeat but only if I were hired to type them out. Blue Rook  talk  contribs 00:35, February 10, 2011 (UTC)
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