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I'd like to propose a slight alteration to the disambiguation policy we have, that we kind of already make exceptions for (e.g. Eric Carter (Chloe's Arrest) and Kiefer Sutherland (character)). The deal is this: there are loads of cases where, for example, crew names are used as filler for huge long lists seen on computer screens. If we followed the current disambiguation policy to the letter, then for each one we'd move the crew member to "crew member (crew)", have another "crew member (character)" and then need to create a disambiguation page called "crew member (disambiguation)". This would cause a huge number of nearly pointless dab pages to appear, when really in almost all of these situations there is a clear "primary" page (the real life crew member) and "secondary" page (the character inferred by their name appearing in filler text). So why not just keep the primary page as it is, only do a tag for the secondary page, and there's no need for a dab page as the primary one will include a dab tag to the secondary one. We actually already do this for a lot of pages, but I'd suggest codifying this into policy for all "two name" disambiguation pages, getting rid of old ones that are still around, and only having such pages where there are three or more pages with the exact two word name (e.g. Sterling Rush (disambiguation) and Scott Powell (disambiguation) are probably still needed).--Acer4666 (Talk) 15:11, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

List of current pages that I'm suggesting deleting:
  • Bryce Moore (disambiguation)
  • Chris Porterfield (disambiguation)
  • Jessica Abrams (disambiguation)
  • Jim Lapidus (disambiguation)
  • Patrick Priest (disambiguation)
  • Phil Stone (disambiguation)
  • Rick Garcia (disambiguation)
The last one may be a little less clear cut. However, I still think these pages can be deleted, as their content can be moved onto the relevant 1-name dab page (Rick (disambiguation), Phil (disambiguation), Patrick (disambiguation), Jim (disambiguation) etc)--Acer4666 (Talk) 15:17, March 9, 2017 (UTC)
Agree with everything --Pyramidhead (talk) 23:10, March 13, 2017 (UTC)
I very much in an agreement with remove some unneeded disambiguation pages. BattleshipMan (talk) 23:16, March 13, 2017 (UTC)
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