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I can't understand why is Michelle Dessler killed ,most people said to me that it's because she knew jack was alive,but i don't understand the problem of knowing that jack was alive,what is the problem,why can't she know that jack is alive ?

Yeah tbh I always thought this never made any sense. The plan was to frame Jack by killing the only 4 people who knew he was alive, because he had an obvious motive to do so in order to protect his cover. However - the only people who know that those 4 were the only people to know he was alive are those 4 people, and with them all dead, Jack isn't anymore likely to have killed them than anyone else. I hated the start of Season 5, there was so much opportunity for a great intriguing plot wasted. Also, I love the way that the show tries to "clue everyone in" on the situation of Jack's death being fake -
  • Curtis: "we've just found out about a phone call between Palmer, Michelle, Tony and Chloe that happened the same day Jack died"
  • Bill: "what were they talking about?"
  • Curtis: "Must've been something about Jack!"
Yeah Curtis, either that or that several hundred other things that happened on Day 4!
But yeah essentially the killing of Michelle and Tony and Chloe to "cover up" Palmer's assassination made no sense--Acer4666 (talk) 13:23, February 19, 2013 (UTC)
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