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Frank Hensley was an FBI agent during the events of Operation Hell Gate. He was regarded as a war hero.

Operation Hell Gate[]

Frank Hensley arrived at CTU Los Angeles after Jack Bauer and a CTU field team arrested of Dante Arete, a drug dealer that allegedly killed his partner. He requested extradition of Arete to New York, but Jack Bauer demanded to travel along with the subtle assistance of Ryan Chapelle. While on the plane to New York, Hensley was revealed to be corrupt, having killed two accompanying air marshals with a concealed Glock 19, and then attempting to kill Arete seemingly as vengeance for his partner's death. This failed, as Jack intervened; but in the ensuing struggle, the plane crashed as a result from a surface-to-air missile. Hensley was then revealed to be cooperating with Arete and made another attempt at killing Jack. However, Hensley was incapacitated when Bauer gave him and electric shock with one of the planes electrical wires, and was then left as Jack pursued Arete. Hensley told the FBI that Jack killed the air marshals and helped Arete. Hensley later appeared investigating Georgi Timko's tavern after finding Jack's weapon there. After sending a FBI HRT team to kill Bauer when he was infiltrating one of his Cells hideouts, Hensley spent most of the day coordinating a series of assassinations from the New York office of the FBI, one against his wife who survived. Frank Hensley died on the Hell Gate Bridge in New York, killed by Jack Bauer who shot him with his suppressed HK Mark 23.

It was revealed that the real Frank Hensley died as after being captured by Iraq in Desert Storm, but this man, an Iraqi operative, posed as Hensley after his death, to the extent of marrying and starting a family. After Hensley was revealed as a part of a conspiracy, he tried to have his wife killed.

The Iraqi operative was charged by Saddam Hussein to support terrorism against the USA, by an alliance with Dante Arete, Lynch Brothers (IRA), and Afghans (Omar Bayat Taliban government's operative and Taj, his brother and his people, because Taj's people was leave by CIA then exterminate by KGB during the Soviet war in Afghanistan). Hensley used Fiona Brice, Dennis Spain and Felix Tanner to make an operation of terrorist attack against airlines, but this was a decoy to distract attention from the goal of starting a massive pandemic in LA. Hensley, by his job in FBI, made alliances with terrorists and urban gangs to their great operation.

After the Hensley's death, the Pentagon refused to admit Iraq's role because to do so would be to admit their failure against Saddam and the 999.

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