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This article's subject relates to Season 1 of 24.

Frank Simes was a Secret Service agent during Day 1. He was the liaison between Secret Service and CTU during David Palmer's breakfast rally.

Day 1[]

Around 6:30am, Simes was contacted by Jack Bauer, the Director of the CTU LA branch. Bauer needed to gain entry to the Santa Clarita Power Plant, where Senator David Palmer was scheduled to give a speech. Bauer also needed access to bring a firearm in the breakfast. Simes gave him access to the breakfast and told Jack he would be cleared by Agent Aaron Pierce once he arrived. ("6:00am-7:00am")

During the breakfast, Agent Pierce was contacted by Tony Almeida, who told him that Bauer was a possible threat to the senator's life. After Agent Alan Hayes apprehended Bauer, he brought him to Simes. Bauer told Simes that he attempted to grab Hayes' gun in order to create a diversion, that would get Palmer out of the room. Bauer revealed that an assassin was at the breakfast and had managed to escape. Bauer revealed that his wife and daughter were kidnapped and the kidnapper forced him to smuggle a weapon into the breakfast.

Simes told Bauer that if he told his story to District, that they might be able to help him out, but Simes would have to hand him over to the FBI. While Jack was being escorted through the plant, he managed to escape from custody. Simes called Mike Novick, Palmer's Chief of Staff, to give him the details of Bauer. ("8:00am-9:00am")

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