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Franko was a hitman working for Sergei Petrenko's Los Angeles crime organization.


In a meeting at the Reel Inn in Malibu, the anarchist Zapata hired Franko to assassinate Smiley Lopez, the local boss of MS-13. Zapata, who had previously contracted his former gang for various attacks in the United States, hoped to tie up a loose end and used the Ukrainians to make it appear to be a gang-related murder. Although suspicious that Zapata would eventually try to kill him just as he was killing Lopez, he agreed to the job.

Franko raided Lopez's house in Boyle Heights, taking him and his girlfriend hostage, but he was interrupted by the arrival of Jack Bauer. While Franko held the girl hostage, Jack attempted to kill him but missed, grazing his forehead and allowing the restrained Lopez to tackle him. After a brief fight, Franko retreated from the house and escaped.

Several hours later, Jack went undercover with Sergei Petrenko posing as Felix Studhalter, in order to steal a shipment of methamphetamines that Lopez had demanded in exchange for information on Zapata. En route to the meeting site, Petrenko ordered Jack to pick up a third man in Santa Monica, whom Jack realized was an injured Franko. Jack, relieved that Franko had yet to remember him from the house, drove to the cabin in Topanga, where he and Petrenko finalized the terms of the drug deal. However, Jack's cover was blown when the real Studhalter, who had escaped, called Petrenko directly. Petrenko ordered Malenkiy to execute him, but Jack overpowered him with the help of Sue Mishler, an undercover FBI agent, and took off in pursuit of Franko and Petrenko. After a chase down Topanga Canyon, Jack managed to leap onto the back of Franko's truck, which contained the drugs, and fired blind into the cabin, killing him. (Chaos Theory)

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