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Franks was an FBI agent at the Washington Field Office active during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

After having gone to the FBI's DC office to see her father, Kim Bauer was sent away by her father Jack, who refused treatment. Kim decided on going home, and Jack had Agent Franks follow her to the airport to ensure she left the city safely.

Franks kept a close eye on Kim, but she eventually noticed that he was observing her. Feeling threatened, she sat with a married couple that was waiting for the same flight and Franks, realizing he had been made, walked away. When Kim left for the bathroom, Franks also headed into the men's restroom. There, the husband attacked Franks from behind with a garrote and strangled him, dragging him into a nearby stall. The assassin broke his neck and left him in the locked stall.

Live appearancesEdit

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