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Fred Laughton was a Department of Defense employee active during Day 4.

Before Day 4 Edit

Fred Laughton wrote the code used in the nuclear football, a national security device carried near the President of the United States at all times.

Day 4 Edit

When the mercenary Mitch Anderson damaged Air Force One from a stolen stealth fighter, the nuclear football fell to the Mojave Desert. Fred Laughton arrived at the scene where the terrorist Steve Simmons was killed, and most of the football was retrieved by Jack Bauer. There, he reconstructed the parts of the football "playbook" that were taken by Habib Marwan, specifically, the list of America's domestic nuclear arsenal and the checkpoints visited by the convoys which moved them. Jack reported Laughton's findings to Bill Buchanan, Michelle Dessler, and others at CTU Los Angeles.

Live appearancesEdit

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