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GSG-9 was a federal intelligence and counter-terrorism agency of Germany.

Before Day 1, GSG-9 obtained intelligence on Victor Drazen's growing criminal enterprise, discovering that he was building a significant network of Russian mafia, former KGB, corrupt FSB and SVR officials, as well as making deals with terrorist groups around the world - including some domestic militia groups in the United States. Because of his connections to international crime and terrorism, Drazen was abducted in secret and held in a top-secret prison system in the U.S. following the failed mission to assassinate him.

After Drazen's escape from prison and later demise, former GSG-9 operative Bruno Hecht collaborated with CTU analyst Darinka Brankovich and SEC regulator Raymond Gull to piece together the real identity of Drazen's financier "Ted Cofell," actually the assumed identity of former Soviet spy Borvo Sobrinna. GSG-9 also provided intelligence on what was known about the first David Palmer assassin, "Jonathan." (Findings at CTU)

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