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"Gabriel" was an arms dealer and smuggler, employed by the private military company Starkwood until its disbandment. As of Day 10, he remained active and was notoriously difficult to track.

After his arrest, Ben Grimes told Eric Carter that Gabriel was, to his knowledge, the only person who sold the modified A-120 handguns used by Jadalla Bin-Khalid and his soldiers, and that he believed Gabriel was the one who had smuggled the terrorists into the United States. Grimes said that if Gabriel hadn't relocated, he could get to him and, through him, help CTU learn Bin-Khalid's location or details about his planned attack.

Despite his reservations, Carter proposed a sting operation using Grimes' prior contact with Gabriel to infiltrate the organization, offering, as the price of "admission," the schematics to the advanced Onyx anti-aircraft missile battery. Keith Mullins vetoed the plan, insisting that Grimes could not be trusted with such valuable information a second time, and dismissed Carter to be debriefed. Rebecca Ingram, however, secretly agreed to obtain the Onyx schematics and authorized Carter to break out Grimes on his own to contact Gabriel. ("Day 10: 3:00pm-4:00pm")

Later on, after going through security, Ben and Eric successfully met Gabriel. Angry at Ben over Ben having been responsible for the loss of $50,000, Gabriel ordered Eric to kill Ben. Eric refused; Gabriel was impressed by Carter's loyalty but had Grimes murdered anyway. Later, while Gabriel was validating the schematics for the Onyx, Eric overpowered him and his right hand man Ferro. Gabriel feigned ignorance when Eric confronted him over his supposed relationship with Jadalla. Despite Gabriel activating a hidden switch in his watch that sent a distress signal, Eric and the incoming TAC team successfully took down Gabriel's small army of highly trained ex-military soldiers. Upon being cornered with his backup neutralized, Gabriel lifted a knife and slit his own artery, killing himself. By using his corpse's fingerprint, Eric was able to preserve some files off of the late arms dealer's laptop. ("Day 10: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Background information and notes[]

  • In the original script, Gabriel is shot by Eric Carter rather than by killing himself.

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