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Gabriel Schector was an arms dealer and smuggler that was a coordinator in the thefts orchestrated by David Emerson's mercenary group, leading up to the events of Day 7.

Before Day 7 Edit

According to Jack Bauer, both he and fellow CTU agent Tony Almeida captured Schector in the past and, instead of turning him in, allowed his operations to continue—so he could work as an informant.

At some point after the events of Day 5, the presumed-dead Almeida -- now working under mercenary leader David Emerson -- recruited Schector to finance and use his connections in the underworld to aid in several, low-profile heists that were aimed at collecting weapons, hardware and information. Specifically, Schector assisted in the thefts of technology components that Emerson's team used to engineer the CIP device, so as to deliver it to Colonel Iké Dubaku to aid in his terrorist plot.

Day 7 Edit

A hunch and a serial-number lead both Jack Bauer and Sean Hillinger to connect Schector's criminal activities to the heists and Tony Almeida's organization. When FBI officials discussed a raid to capture him, Bauer argued that a man like Schector would tie things up with his attorneys to keep himself out of the hands of the law. In an attempt at a work-around, agent Renee Walker brought along Bauer for the questioning, to play off Bauer's reputation as a loose cannon. Walker and the FBI explicitly forbade Jack from torturing Schector, but permitted him to threaten him, as someone familiar with Jack's history would be more easily intimidated by his threats.

Walker and Bauer confronted Schector at his apartment at 1208 Naylor Road, where Schector's bodyguard Ari answered the door. Terrified by Bauer's presence, Schector agreed to let both of them in, on the condition that Bauer stay far away from him. In the room, he taunted both with the knowledge he had. After providing no information, Schector then asked the pair to leave; when Ari tried to remove Walker and Bauer by force, Walker disarmed and incapacitated the much larger Ari. Then, she gave Bauer permission to torture Schector for information.

As Jack threatened to stab his eye with a pen, Schector agreed to confess everything. Before he was able to speak, however, he and his bodyguard were shot and killed by Emerson/Tony-associate Alan Tanner, a sniper on the Columbia Building across the street, eliminating the FBI's only current lead towards finding Almeida.

Background information and notes Edit

  • The casting call for Gabriel Schector describes his character as "an upscale man in his early 40s. Gabriel is a supplier of illegal contraband and has information that can be useful."
  • Presumably, either Sean Hillinger or Lennert (the agent who helped Tanner escape) informed Tony of Schector's arrest.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Gabriel Shector: Jack Bauer? I didn't know you were FBI.
  • Jack Bauer: I'm not. I just came along for the ride. ("Day 7: 8:00am-9:00am")

Live appearancesEdit

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