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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

Several games based on 24 have been created so far.

Console games[]

Board games[]

Three board games have been released relating to 24.

Card games[]

Top Trumps[]

The 24 Top Trumps set is a series of cards, each featuring a character from 24, which are used in a game where players compete with different attributes of their cards to try to gain the whole deck.

Trading Card Game[]

The 24 Trading Card Game is a competitive strategy game from Press Pass, Inc. where players assume characters and situations from the world of 24. Each player's deck is customizable from hundreds of different cards, making each game session unique.

Mobile phone games[]

Three mobile phone games related to 24 have been developed.

As well as this, one game for Blackberry phones has been released.

Online games[]


To promote Season 4 of 24, LG Electronics sponsored a 24-based web driving game for Fox's official 24 website in December of 2004.

24: Countdown takes place between seasons 2 and 3 and involves Jack driving across three stages, trying to stop a terrorist cell from detonating a bomb in Las Vegas.

Operation Instinct[]

As a tie-in with Season 7, Sprint sponsored an online puzzle-solving game about the day's threats, found on FOX's official website from January 2009.

During Operation Instinct, players have to decrypt messages coming from a source within a terrorist base, and use the information to help stop threats.

Operation Hero[]

The follow-up to Operation Instinct, Operation Hero follows the timeline of Season 8. It was also found on the official website from January 2010.


24 pinball[]

A 24 themed pinball machine was manufactured in 2009 by Stern Pinball.