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This article's subject relates to Season 8 of 24.

Gary Klausner was an editor at the New York Courier during Day 8.

Day 8[]

Some time after 12:00pm, Gary stopped Meredith Reed in the office and told her that there was some work still pending on her article about Omar Hassan. However, he told her that Abby could follow up her work since he knew what Hassan meant to her and how affected she must be. Gary then congratulated her for the article telling her that it did justice to Hassan. Finally, he told her to call him if there was anything she needed.

About an hour later, Gary received a call from Meredith telling him that she had a video recording implicating the Russian government in the murder of Kamistan President Omar Hassan. Gary then agreed to meet with her in fifteen minutes at a diner. Unfortunately, FBI agents arrived at Gary's office before he could leave and started seizing evidence looking for the video recording.

In the midst of it all, Gary managed to sneak into his office and called Meredith. As he was warning her, an agent knocked on the office's door and told Gary that he wasn't allowed to make any phone calls. Gary told him he was canceling an appointment and then warned Meredith again to take care of herself.

At 2:30pm, Gary was contacted by Jamot, the chief aide of Dalia Hassan. Jamot asked where he could reach Meredith Reed on behalf of Dalia, but Gary was forced by the FBI to claim ignorance and hurriedly ended the call. This was reported to Dalia, who soon eventually found out that President Taylor was covering for the Russians by apprehending Reed and muzzling the press.

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