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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

George Avila was the federal air marshal stationed aboard Flight 520 during Day 5. The flight departed from Van Nuys Airfield, Los Angeles, for Frankfurt.

Before Day 5[]

George Avila was born on 11/4/1968 in Happy, Texas. He was employed by the US Sky Marshal Program in Fort Retzler, Kentucky and trained in the AF Combat Applications Program. He was 6'0" and weighed 190 pounds.

Day 5[]

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Jack Bauer snuck onto Avila's flight in order to identify an unknown accomplice of Christopher Henderson who was on board, and to retrieve an audio recording that was secretly being carried by the person. Jack knew he had to neutralize the on-board Air Marshal before he began, so he got the Marshal's name, information, and seat number (7A) from Chloe O'Brian. Jack sat next to Avila, elbowed him in face, and retrieved the Marshal's sidearm.

During some turbulence, Avila's unconscious body slumped off his seat, which frightened a European woman who began screaming. Avila woke up, and told Sue, a flight attendant, that someone attacked him and stole his weapon. Sue, Avila, and the crew determined that Jack must be in the baggage compartment since he could not be found anywhere else. They devised a plan to depressurize the compartment of air, which would knock out Jack and his hostage, so Avila could restrain him. Sue was worried for the life of the other man in the compartment, but Avila talked her into giving the go-ahead to Captain Stan Cotter.

Avila's plan did not work, however, because Bauer demonstrated his ability to threaten the safety of the plane. Captain Cotter re-pressurized the compartment and ordered Sue to let Jack out. Bauer exited the compartment and ordered Avila down. He was distraught and hesitated, but climbed in, and Sue locked the hatch.

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