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Girish Oak (born August 17, 1960; age 59) is an Indian actor who portrayed Girish Joshi in season 2 of the Indian version of 24.

Biography Edit

Girish Oak was born in Nagpur, India to a Brahmin family. After completing his degree in Medicine, he went on to work as a full-time actor. Oak was very active in state plays while studying, and started his professional career in 1984. During his acting career, he has appeared in films like Devki, Cappuccino, Corporate, and Shubh Lagna Savdhan. Oak has also worked on TV shows like Agnihotra, Choti Malkin, and Pasant Ahe Mulagi.

Aside from his work as an actor, Oak is also a writer and a poet. He has published several books. Oak is married to Pallavi Oak, and they have a daughter together. Oak also has an older daughter, Girija, from a previous marriage.

24 credits Edit

Selected filmography Edit

  • Shubh Lagna Savdhan (2018)
  • Mazhi Tapasya (2016)
  • Cappuccino (2014)
  • Manatlya manat (2010)
  • Corporate (2006)
  • Saatchya Aat Gharat (2004)
  • Devki (2001)
  • Vishwavinayak (1994)
  • Jasa Baap Tashi Poore (1991)

Television appearances

  • Choti Malkin (2018)
  • Pasant Ahe Mulagi (2016)
  • Agnihotra (2009)
  • Nya Gojirvanya Gharat (2006)
  • Avantika (2001)
  • Daddy Samjha Karo (1999)

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