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Global Peace for a Cleaner Environment, or G-PACE, was a mainstream environmental group. Jack Bauer worked with G-PACE undercover, hoping to find the connection between it and more extreme groups.

More than two years before the events of Midnight Sun, G-PACE was headed by Matt Doehring. At the same time, businessman Theo Oswald donated heavily to the group. At some later point, Matt's wife Kristen Doehring started using the group as a front to funnel money and extremist recruits for eco-terrorist group Morningside Dawn. She also used her connection to Oswald to get ahold of his company's bio-mediation bacteria.

Jamie David was a longtime G-PACE member who came up with the plan to use Oswald's bacteria to render the oil field under the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge inert. (Midnight Sun)