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The Glock 18C was a fully automatic handgun manufactured by the Glock company. It took 17-shot magazines, was capable of firing eleven hundred rounds per minute and was not available to civilians. It had a left side slide-mounted fire control selector switch, a barrel extending past the front of the slide and cuts across the top of the barrel which acted as compensators. (Trojan Horse)

When undercover with Fay Hubley, Tony Almeida had two Glock 18C pistols hidden in his van. He gave one to Fay, but she was murdered and her killer took the weapon. Tony used the other weapon to avenge her death, killing the Chechens with it. (Trojan Horse)

Margot Al-Harazi had a Glock 18 at Tundel House which she used to threaten her son Ian with. When the building was infiltrated by the CIA, Ian fired at the intruders with the Glock. ("Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm")

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Background information and notes Edit

  • When this weapon is first mentioned in Trojan Horse, it is described as a "Glock C18".
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