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Jack Bauer follows Peter Madsen's car to try to save Kate Warner.

Summary Edit

Jack runs around a corner to see Peter Madsen, Kate Warner and a driver speed away. The car pulls out onto the road, and Jack leaps in his SUV and begins to pursue.

The driver heads recklessly through a park and skids back onto the road. Jack watches every move and keeps close behind. The car then pulls down a street on the left and narrowly avoids crashing into a destroyed school bus blocking most of the road. Wilding zig-zagging across the road Jack manages to follow him closely.

Madsen drives crazily through an underground car park facility and almost is crushed by a downpour of debris from the building as another aftershock ensues. Then the driver flies up a jut of land that Jack follows cautiously.

A firetruck storms into the middle of the road and bashes Madsen's car, allowing Jack to catch up.

Madsen leaps out of the car and grabs Kate into a hostage position. Chase Edmunds, who is revealed to be the driver, stays sat in the car. Jack gets out of his car and Madsen begins to shoot at him. Madsen points to a chopper and tells Chase that that is their escape. Still shooting at Jack, Madsen, Kate and Chase back into a building on top of which the chopper has landed.


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