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Gonzalez was an emergency medical technician (EMT) working in Washington, D.C. during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Emergency crews responded when the car transporting terrorist Iké Dubaku flipped over in a DC street. Gonzalez and his co-worker Thuener prepared Dubaku for the ambulance ride to the hospital. However, Jack Bauer demanded that they revive Dubaku to speak with him before their departure. Thuener gave the word, and Gonzalez injected the man with some epinephrine. A few seconds later, when Dubaku lost consciousness, he used shock paddles to revive Dubaku. After a few unsuccessful tries, Gonzalez discovered that Dubaku had a small object beneath the skin of his chest. Jack forced Thuener at gunpoint, so Gonzalez removed the object (a data chip). Only then did Jack let the two medics take the patient to the hospital.

After 2:00am, emergency crews arrived at the scene where Larry Moss was killed and Tony had shot himself. At around 2:57am, when Jack started showing symptoms of the pathogen again, Tony called some paramedics to help him. As he tried to stabilize Jack, Gonzalez asked Tony to stay away.

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