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Officer Goodwin was an officer of the California Highway Patrol during Day 4.

Day 4[]

When Goodwin's partner, Officer Pantell, stopped to settle an apparent quarrel between the thugs Jim, Dan, and a third man who were harassing Kalil Hasan, Goodwin stayed behind in the patrol car. He checked the plates on Hasan's truck and found that it was stolen. He was advancing toward Hasan with his hand on his weapon to make the arrest, when he received a call from dispatch informing him that Hasan was to be released. Officers Pantell and Goodwin left Hasan to go on his way, and remained with the three thugs at the intersection. Goodwin's behavior tipped off Kalil that someone was intentionally clearing a path for him, however, and he soon martyred himself to protect the terrorist plan.

Background information and notes[]

  • Mitchell A. Steinberg is credited as "CHP Officer's Partner." The name Goodwin is visible on his name tag.

Live appearances[]