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Granada Hills, California
Seasons Season 6
First Seen Day 6 6:00am-7:00am
Last Seen Day 6 9:00am-10:00am

Granada Hills is a suburb northeast of Los Angeles


Granada Hills, within the city of Los Angeles, is located on West (Pacific) Coast in California.

Granada Hills uses the Pacific Standard Time (PST) which is UST-8.

Day 6

During the beginning of Day 6, Yusuf Amar was arrested at his home in Granada Hills on suspicions of terrorism. His son, Ahmed, was confronted by two racist neighbors, and he was then taken in my his neighbors, Ray, Jillian, and Scott Wallace.

Unbeknownst to the Wallaces, Ahmed was a terrorist working with Abu Fayed. Ahmed attempted to return to his home to deliver a package to Fayed, only to be attacked by Stan, one of the racist neighbors. Ahmed retrieved the package and killed Stan, and in the process took the Wallaces hostage. Ahmed forced Ray to deliver the package to a man in exchange for a component to a suitcase nuke, which Ray then had to deliver to Fayed. Ahmed released Jillian, but was ordered by Fayed to kill Scott. CTU, however, had learned of the hostage situation from a phonecall by Jillian, and was able to shoot Ahmed before Scott was hurt.

After the hostage situation had ended, however, CTU agent Curtis Manning attempted to assassinate former terrorist Hamri Al-Assad outside the Wallaces' home. Manning was killed by Jack Bauer to prevent Al-Assad from being harmed.

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