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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

The Grandmont Hotel was an upper-class hotel in West Los Angeles, California, near the Los Angeles International Airport.

During Day 6, after learning that Marilyn Bauer intended to help CTU Los Angeles locate Dmitri Gredenko's safe house, Phillip Bauer kidnapped her son Josh to coerce her to lead Jack to a booby-trapped house instead. Meanwhile, he took Josh to the Grandmont Hotel, supposedly to wait for the roads to clear up, and stayed in room 2132. Josh overheard Phillip threatening to kill him over the phone and tried to get away, but his grandfather stopped him at gunpoint. Jack survived the ambush, eventually learning from Marilyn what his father had done, and agreeing to rescue Josh.

When Jack, Marilyn, and Phillip's captured henchman Hacker arrived at the hotel, Phillip had already taken Josh to a rooftop across the street, ordering Jack to come alone and surrender himself in exchange for Josh. Jack made the exchange, and Phillip admitted that he had been blackmailed into handing over BXJ Technologies' nuclear bombs by Gredenko, to hide his part in the Sentox nerve gas conspiracy. Phillip prepared to kill Jack, but chose to escape instead, leaving Jack the phone number for ex-President Charles Logan. Jack sent Marilyn and Josh back to CTU and left to find Logan at the Hidden Valley retreat. ("Day 6: 2:00pm-3:00pm", "3:00pm-4:00pm", "4:00pm-5:00pm")