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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Grant was a CTU field agent active during The Game.

The Game[]

Tony pulled up at the site of one of the bombs that had been put in place by Peter Madsen to trigger an earthquake. Tony spoke to Grant, an agent onsite, who told him that they should get in as there was not a lot of time. They went up some stairs and into a half-completed room where several armed guards stood by. The two agents took them out and advanced down a flight of stairs into the main room of construction. They were intercepted by a squadron of guards, but together the two agents killed all the terrorists.

Tony and Grant reached the drilling department of the site. One terrorist yelled that they need to stop him getting to the bomb, confirming CTU's suspicions. Tony and Grant shot the terrorists, killing them. They headed to the lower level of the room and wiped it of all the mercenaries, successfully securing the location.

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