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This article's subject relates to 24: Redemption.This is a production article written from an out-of-universe perspective

Grant Powell is a stunt performer and actor who played two different roles in 24: Redemption.

Biography and career[edit | edit source]

Powell was born in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town. He developed an interest in acting and stage since his youth. In 1998, Powell auditioned at the Ratanga Junction Theme Park, in Cape Town, South Africa where he trained as a performer in puppetry, dance, movement, acting and stunts.

In 2002, Powell was discovered by a local stunt company to serve as a stunt double on the film Der Kranichmann. Since then, he has worked on films like 10,000 BC, Dredd, and Death Race 2. Powell has also worked on TV shows like Homeland, Holby City, Strike Back, and Black Sails.

Powell specializes in his work as a fight choreograher. He has studied various martial arts including Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu and Krav Maga.

Powell is co-founder and director of Stunteam, along with Vernon Willemse.

Role on 24[edit | edit source]

Powell had different roles during 24: Redemption:

  • In the attack on Okavango School, he played one of Youssou Dubaku's soldiers who drove a car full of soldiers. Powell's character exited the car with a rifle, but was killed by Jack detonating the vehicle with a stick of dynamite.
  • Later, he played the third of Udo's soldiers shot by Jack in the street on his way to the US embassy.

Gallery of roles[edit | edit source]

24 credits[edit | edit source]

Selected filmography[edit | edit source]

  • Escape Room (2019)
  • Tomb Raider (2018)
  • The Brothers Grimsby (2016)
  • Commando (2013)
  • Dredd (2012)
  • Safe House (2012)
  • Machine Gun Preacher (2011)
  • 1968 Tunnel Rats (2008)
  • 10,000 BC (2008)

Television appearances

  • Blood Drive (2017)
  • Black Sails (2014-2016)
  • Homeland (2014)
  • Strike Back (2012)
  • Holby City (2008)
  • The Poseidon Adventure (2005)

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