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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

The Greater Nation was an anti-government militia group active prior to and during the events of Veto Power.

Before Veto Power[]

Jack Bauer went undercover with the Greater Nation after being demoted from high ranking cases due to a humiliating incident involving Ibrahim Rafizadeh. He brought in a CTU TAC team to take down a mission organized by several members.

Veto Power[]

Jack led a team to take down the main militia base of the Greater Nation in the early hours of the day. He arrested Brett Marks, the leader, but failed to capture Frank Newhouse. The Greater Nation was following a threat from an Islamic terrorist group that they claimed the government failed to notice. However, this was a lie to cover up the Greater Nation's real plan: to detonate an EMP to take down the President in Air Force One. Jack discovered the threat and managed to kill Marks, after he had been released from CTU, and Newhouse, before they could use the device.