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Greer was a CTU NY agent active during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Greer was among the CTU agents sent by Chloe O'Brian to help Cole Ortiz capture Jack Bauer. He arrived at the meeting point on 141 Juniper Valley Road with Agents Beck, Hopkins, and Lee. When Cole arrived, he briefed them all about the operation. He then instructed Greer to stand guard in the back of the laundry. As he was guarding the entrance, he heard a sound coming from the trucks at 10:45. He slowly approached the area but was knocked down by Jack, who then used the unconscious agent to distract the other agents by placing him up on a conveyor. Forced by Jack, Cole tied up the other agents but did not have to bind Greer, as he remained knocked out cold in the heap of laundry.

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