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Captain Greg Denovo was a U.S. Air Force officer with the 18th Reconnaissance Squadron, stationed at Lower Heyford Air Force Base during Day 9.

Denovo questioned his subordinate, Chris Tanner, after the latter was arrested for his alleged drone attack on Major Shepherd's convoy in Afghanistan. The captain was unconvinced by Tanner's pleas that he was innocent, as he had found Tanner's postings on a military forum threatening violent action against the major. Furthermore, Denovo said that the logs on Tanner's flight key proved he had fired the drone's missile. Tanner maintained his innocence, swearing that he had been framed by someone else.

Before 1:00pm, Denovo left with Tanner in a military transport bound for London, where the Royal Military Police would interrogate him. ("Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm")

He was later guarding Tanner when Jack Bauer entered posing as a member of the Diplomatic Security Service and claimed that he was there to escort Denovo and Tanner to safety from a riot by anti-drone protestors. Suspisious, Denovo went to answer a call warning him about Bauer and was knocked out from behind by Bauer while he was distracted. While he knocked out, Bauer got Tanner to tell him where to find the flight key- on Denovo- and after retrieving it, he left. Denovo woke up as the Marines, Kate Morgan and Erik Ritter arrived and told them that Bauer had stolen the flight key when Tanner refused to. ("Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm")


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