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Greg Hutto is an actor who had two roles in 24. He played CTU field agent Michaels during Seasons 5 and 6, and an FBI police officer during Season 7.

Biography and career[edit | edit source]

Hutto started his career in Hollywood in 1997. That year, he worked as an assistant to director David Hogan during the filming of Most Wanted. After that, he wrote and directed The Aquanauts, a TV series documentary. Hutto also worked as an underwater cinematographer on the TV documentary The Healing Chamber.

Aside of his roles behind the camera, Hutto has acted in the TV film Helter Skelter (with Mary Lynn Rajskub), as well as several short films.

Role on 24[edit | edit source]

As FBI police

Hutto has had two roles in 24:

24 credits[edit | edit source]


FBI Police

Selected filmography[edit | edit source]

  • The Boyfriend (2011)
  • Ghost Patrol (2010)
  • At the Water's Edge (2010)

Television appearances

  • 24 (2005-2009)
  • Helter Skelter (2004)

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