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Griffin "Griff" Lynch was the older brother of Shamus Lynch, and like his brother, was former member of the Irish Republican Army. Before Operation Hell Gate, he and his brother conspired with an Afghani terrorist cell.

Operation Hell Gate Edit

Griffin worked with his brother Shamus as well as Afghan terrorists Taj and Khan Ali Kahlil to shoot down a CDC flight with dangerous disease cultures on board over New York City with the Long Tooth Missile Launcher.

Griffin ordered Shamus to use Liam, then kill Liam and Caitlin. Griff and Shamus were former IRA members, because their parents were killed by the British government, and Griff had left his cause for money, because the Real IRA needed more funds. For Lynch brothers and Real IRA, the IRA politic betrayed Northern Ireland caused by negotiations with London.

Griffin met his demise when Caitlin O'Connor pushed him to his death on Hell Gate bridge.

Live appearancesEdit

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