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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Hal Turner was a field agent working for CTU Los Angeles during Day 6. He worked with Jack Bauer, Mike Doyle, and Agent Ryan over the course of the day. Bill Buchanan trained him for his duties at CTU.

Day 6[]

When Graem Bauer attempted to have his brother Jack Bauer and father Phillip killed, Jack contacted Bill Buchanan and told him to send TAC teams over to Graem's house, 226 Pine Crest Road in Indian Falls. Agent Turner met up with Jack and they both led a TAC team to strike that location.


Hal before the strike on Fayed's location

When Morris O'Brian was kidnapped by Darren McCarthy and delivered to Abu Fayed, Turner assisted Jack in an operation to rescue Morris and apprehend Fayed. The two were led to an apartment building at 4332 Florence Avenue, and Jack had the fire alarm activated in order to learn what apartment Fayed was hiding in. Jack, Turner, and the TAC team ambushed their way into the apartment. Fayed managed to escape and Morris was found with non-fatal injuries. With help from Chloe O'Brian, Jack was able to disarm a suitcase nuke found in the apartment; meanwhile, Turner discovered the secret escape route used by Fayed. Turner reported the news that Fayed then fled in a helicopter after moving out of the tunnels, and Jack sent him to continue the search.

Turner later led the team that stormed the safehouse of Dmitri Gredenko, only to find it empty. Buchanan instructed Turner to have the place swept for any forensic evidence. Several hours later, Phillip Bauer was in possession of a FB subcircuit board. The retrieval or destruction of the component would prevent a war between the US and Russia. Phillip offered to turn it over in exchange for his grandson, and Vice President Noah Daniels accepted the terms. Mike Doyle was given orders to lead the exchange, and Division felt Jack would be a hazard to the operation. Turner and Agent Ryan were ordered to transport Jack to the District Office.

During the transport, Turner's CTU vehicle was ran off the road. Turner left his vehicle and had Ryan keep a close watch on Jack. Turner discovered that Bill Buchanan, who was relieved from his CTU command several hours earlier, was the one who ran him off the road. Buchanan tried to convince Turner that the right thing to do would be to stop the exchange. While Buchanan distracted Turner, Jack had knocked Ryan out unconscious and gained possession of a firearm. Jack told Turner to drop his weapon and knocked him out. Buchanan and Jack escaped and ultimately the component was destroyed in an air strike, and Josh was rescued.

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