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Halcott was a henchman sent by Edward Vossler to further the corporate conspiracy of Jonas Hodges during 24: Redemption.

Redemption Edit

On the orders of Vossler, Halcott and his partner John Quinn infiltrated the private apartment of Chris Whitley, an employee of Nichols. They were sent to retrieve all the evidence of Nichols' money laundering through Abu Dhabi and Eritrea, which Whitley had stolen to report to the authorities. Halcott and Quinn remained hidden in the apartment until Whitley moved away from his computer. When Chris returned, Halcott was seated, viewing the files, with a pistol nearby. Whitley became frightened as Halcott repeatedly asked if any more evidence could be found. Quinn then came out from hiding, and the two forcibly restrained Whitley and administered drugs as they interrogated him.

Halcott and Quinn were satisfied that they retrieved all of the evidence. But Hodges told Vossler to have Whitley killed, just to be certain, so Halcott and Quinn murdered him. During the inaugural speech of President Allison Taylor, Halcott and Quinn were busy encasing Whitley's corpse in cement.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Unlike Quinn, Nichols, Vossler, and Hodges (all of whom reappeared and died in Season 7), Halcott was not seen since Redemption, and whether or not he was punished for his crimes is unknown.
  • It was not specified if Halcott was a mercenary associated with Starkwood (like Quinn) or a corrupt member of the Taylor administration conspiracy (like Vossler).

Live appearancesEdit

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