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Hammad was the ambassador from Jordan to the United States during Day 10.

At 11:29pm, Hammad was on the phone with CTU Director Keith Mullins, who was due to arrive with Ara Naseri at the Jordanian Embassy in less than five minutes. Hammad asked why Ara, a Jordanian citizen, was in U.S. custody. Mullins explained that Ara was targeted in an unsanctioned covert operation to use her as leverage against her father, terrorist mastermind Asim Naseri. He promised Hammad his government would have the chance to sue the individual responsible later. Hammad said he would need to consult his state department, but Mullins argued that Rebecca Ingram would die if he did not receive Ara as soon as they landed. After some consideration, Hammad agreed to receive the girl.

While Mullins and Ara were still in the air, Hammad made contact with the girl's mother, who agreed to travel to the U.S. Hammad greeted Ara when she arrived at the embassy and said he would take care of her until her mother arrived.

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