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Hank was a professional assassin sent to CTU Los Angeles by Walt Cummings during Day 5 with the intent of killing Jack Bauer.

Day 5Edit

At 11:37am, Hank arrived at the security checkpoint inside CTU Los Angeles. He identified himself to a guard named Hugo as a system technician sent from Division. When Hugo verified he wasn't in the manifest, Spenser Wolff walked in and told him that he had called for him and forgot to put him in the manifest. After clearing him, Hugo asked Hank to put his tool briefcase in the X-ray conveyor belt. He then allowed him to walk in.

Spenser led Hank into the server room, assuming he was sent there to tap the servers. Spenser informed him that the classified information concerning Jack Bauer was on servers 9 to 12. While he told him this, Hank assembled a pistol using pieces he had hidden inside his tools.


Hank stabbed in the neck by Jack.

Hank then went into CTU medical clinic and killed Dr. Paulson, hiding his body beneath Tony's bed. He then dressed with a doctor gown and lured Jack into the clinic by telling him that Tony Almeida had regained consciousness and was asking for him. When Jack came in, he asked Hank for Tony. As Jack approached Tony's bed, he was able to see Hank's reflection drawing a pistol. A fight ensued and during the struggle, Jack saw Dr. Paulson's body under Tony's bed. Hank managed to kick Jack in the torso, cracking his ribs, but Jack stabbed him with a pair of surgical scissors.

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