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Harbinson was a mercenary working for the prion variant cabal during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Harbinson was among a group of four mercenaries including Tony Almeida and Cara Bowden that raided Jibraan Al-Zarian's apartment. Shortly before 4:00am the group cut off electricity to the apartment and entered in the darkness. Almeida grabbed Hamid Al-Zarian who broke free and ran for the door until Bowden and Harbinson stopped him.

Harbinson assisted Almeida, Bowden, and the other accomplice in restraining Hamid and framing Jibraan as a Muslim extremist and terrorist. He remained behind with Hamid when the other three took Jibraan to execute their plans. Unknown to Harbinson, the apartment was under surveillance by the FBI, and Agent Reed was observing him with a tiny camera. When the FBI raided the apartment, Harbinson was shocked by a flash grenade. Hamid, believing that Harbinson's group had actually brainwashed his brother, stabbed Harbinson in the neck with some broken glass in a rage. Jack Bauer and the FBI restrained Hamid and rushed to stop Harbinson's bleeding so they could question him.

After the EMTs stabilized him, they intended to give him a shot of morphine for the pain. However, Jack prevented them from doing so and pressured his wound so he would reveal Tony's location. Harbinson confessed to not knowing it, but revealed that he had been given a number that he should use only for an emergency. Jack told him to think of a good one while he authorized the EMT to give him enough morphine to make the call. Harbinson falsified a concern about a bank transfer gone awry and used it as an excuse to contact Tony. The call allowed Chloe and Janis to eventually track Almeida's location.

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