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For Habib Marwan's alias, see Harris Barnes.

Harold "Harry" Barnes was the President of the United States before Day 1. He was married to First Lady Juliette Barnes.

He was temperamental, blowing off steam in private so that he could keep calm in public. He was aware of the young politician David Palmer and knew that he could be a political challenge soon enough.

Veto Power[]

Barnes planned to veto the New American Privacy Act, for which he was nearly killed by Frank Newhouse and Brett Marks.

Cat's Claw[]

He was conversing with the other members of the G8, discussing whether or not to allow China to join to association. The meetings caused much uproar in the public, and a riot ensued near the conference hall. After the riots had subsided and the meetings drawn to a close, Barnes left the hall.

Later, an assassination attempt on himself and Chinese premier Xu Boxiong using the Cat's Claw virus while the two were having a private, unscheduled meeting. An operative of Bernard Copeland, posing as a waiter, released the virus, infecting himself and all the people present at the meeting.

While this was happening, Ayman al-Libbi tried to fire a missile with the intention of killing Barnes and Boxiong, but his attempt was thwarted by Jack Bauer. Later in the day, he was given an antidote to the virus.

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