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Harry Driscoll was an LAPD agent working in the Robbery-Homicide department. He was African-American and described as having the body of a weight lifter.

Before Trinity Edit

Driscoll and Jack Bauer knew each other many years before Trinity. Back then, Jack was with LAPD SWAT. Jack saved Harry during a raid that went sideways. He also saved Harry from a cross-dresser, an incident often joked about between the two.

Harry once quit smoking only to take it up again.

Trinity Edit

Harry Driscoll was on the team set to investigate the Sweetzer Avenue case and the exploding house, but Counter Terrorist Unit took away jurisdiction. Still wanting to be part of the "big terrorist case," Harry investigated and found potential leads.

Driscoll called Jack after learning about his interest and offered to show him the leads. Around 8:40pm they met, and Driscoll took Jack for a hot dog before taking him on to the lead. They found Mark Gelson, who led them to Dog Smithies, and then to the supplier of the plastic explosives, Andre Farrigan.

Driscoll was called to assist with another case whilst Jack investigated Farrigan. He went to see the brutal murder of Father Frank, and discovered the killer was upset father Don Biehn. Before he could arrest Don, the father offered him a deal that Driscoll could not refused. He called Jack and agreed to go into CTU to explain the deal.

Biehn obviously knew something about the explosives threat, and Jack and Harry were forced to allow the father vengeance on several priests for the molestation of his son before he divulged some information which led the agents to neutralise a threat against the Pope's Unity Conference. To ensure the safety of the Pope, Harry and Jack went back to St. Monica's, where they stopped a final threat at the expense of Harry's life.

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