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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Harry Swinton was a security guard at CTU Los Angeles during Day 5. He had a wife and one daughter.

Day 5[]

Harry gave Lynn McGill a cell phone with permission from Bill Buchanan after Lynn was first put in custody and needed to contact his sister. Later, he was trapped in Holding Room 4 with Lynn when the building was locked down during the nerve gas attack. The nerve gas eroded the seals protecting the few safe rooms, necessitating action from inside CTU to ventilate the gas. When it became clear that Holding Room 4 was closest to the computer terminal controlling access to the ventilation system, Jack asked Lynn to leave the safe room and manipulate the terminal. Since there was no way to either ventilate Holding Room 4 or get them to another safe room, the plan meant certain death for both Harry and Lynn. Jack promised that he would notify their families of their sacrifice.

In the few minutes he had remaining, Harry spoke to his young daughter. He held a deep breath before Lynn opened the door, but by the time Lynn returned and the ventilation had begun, he had to breathe again. He had a brief moment of hope before dying while Lynn and the agents in the Situation Room watched.

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