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Hasan Numair was a German-trained nuclear engineer and terrorist working with Abu Fayed during the events of Day 6.

Day 6[]


Numair escapes from the prison bus

Hasan Numair went under the code name meaning "Sword of the Faith" and not much was known about him apart from his code name until his photo was shown to Hamri Al-Assad, who identified him as Numair. Numair was one of the 110 enemy combatants held at Palmdale Military Prison that Abu Fayed demanded be released. Numair was able to escape with the help of a traitorous National Guard sergeant, before being put into a plane with the remaining 109 combatants.

Numair met Fayed at 351 Old Mill Road in Valencia, and began working on arming a suitcase nuke. Fayed left for another safehouse, and as Numair finished, the terrorist cell was attacked by a CTU TAC team. To prevent the device from being confiscated, Numair detonated the nuclear bomb, destroying an area within a radius of a half mile, and killing at least 12,000 people.

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