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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Hasim was a member of Abu Fayed's terrorist cell.

Day 6[]

After Jack Bauer was turned over to Fayed at the start of Day 6, Hasim assisted Fayed during Jack's torture. He helped restrain Jack in a chair, and held his head while Fayed punctured a nerve cluster in Jack's upper body.

Hours later, after parking his truck in a hideout, Abu Fayed handed off his two remaining suitcase nukes to Hasim, who left them in the care of Halil. Fayed then ordered Hasim and another cell member, Hasan, to accompany him to meet with Dmitri Gredenko, an important terrorist ally, at the Santa Monica Pier.

Fayed and Hasim arrived with Hasan on the pier and waited inside "Building J". When Gredenko approached, Hasim and Hasan pulled him inside. There, Gredenko revealed to them that he had a microtracker in his arm from CTU. Fayed addressed Hasim, sending him out of the room. The terrorists then quickly severed Gredenko's arm and fled with him, using directions he supplied in an effort to evade capture. Hasim helped Gredenko walk until they got outside the building.


Hasim is killed by Jack

They were chased by Jack Bauer, whom Hasim spotted and shot at. Jack returned fire and killed Hasan and Hasim, near some trash dumpsters. Fayed was captured moments later in a bar when he was betrayed by Gredenko, and the Russian terrorist succumbed to blood loss soon after.

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